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Belenyer - Grave Encounters

Bioluminescence Records Presents:

Belenyer Grave Encounters !

Artist: Belenyer @Bioluminescence

Records MX.

Album : Grave Encounters

Label: Bioluminescence Records

Style: Full On Night / High tech

Mastering by: The Cave Studio @

Mexico Mx.

Format: Digital MP3/WAV

Distribution: Bioluminescence Records / The Cave Studio®

Art work by: Mucora @Bioluminescence Records México Mx

Release Date: 23 May 2011

Track List :

01.- Belishus - Belenyer

W.P. Freddy Iván Rizo Gálvez @ Belenyer studio / México

02.- The Six Sence - Belenyer

W.P. Freddy Iván Rizo Gálvez @ Belenyer studio / México

03.- Grave Encounters - Belenyer VS HNC

W.P. Freddy Iván Rizo Gálvez & HNC @ GDL / México

04.- Skull Gangsters - Indsolence ( Mucora & Belenyer )

W.P. Freddy Iván Rizo Gálvez & Julio Mucora @ Biobox studio / México

Album Description:

Freddy Ivan "Belenyer" born in Mexico City on August 5, 1990 and after a few years

is beginning to experiment with electronic music, later known the psytrance genre,

with which it begins to experiment Agresso and a more obscure genre (hi-tech)

(fullon night) where he discovers his true interest, creating very revolutionized music

with a powerful base sound and down to release too good vibes a pleasure for

Bioluminescence Records Their first EP present: "Grave Encounters", full of an essence

and power new, safe to dance That Will put more than one in the dancefloor


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bioluminescence oficial hd white
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